PT wpd Indonesia Energy

In March 2021, wpd established “PT wpd Indonesia Energy” in Jakarta, Indonesia with the main business objective to develop offshore and onshore wind projects, as well as solar projects.

With its experienced local team, , PT wpd Indonesia Energy aims to develop wind and solar farms all over Indonesia and become main renewable energy developer/IPP (Independent Power Producer) in the region.

We highly value our human resources and always look for excellent team members and local partners for joint development of the projects.

Our long term vision is to develop a combined power generation capacity of over 1GW offshore, onshore wind and solar PV projects either independently, or jointly with our local partners.

We are also planning to bring our competitive value chain services, sset Management and Technical O&M, to the Indonesian market in the future.

  • To increase renewable energy power source by bringing sustainable electric power to meet Indonesia rapid growth of power demand.
  • Giving priority to cooperate with local communities, such as development of local industry and co-existence with local cultures and traditions, we contribute to improve living standards in the future.
  • To leverage our project development experiences and track record in renewable industry, to contribute building the know-how, technical skills, and expertise locally for offshore and onshore wind projects as well as solar projects development in Indonesia, to meet the energy mix target.